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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money?
Yes, you can from manual surf. You can even sell your earned credits for money. You earn by recruiting, and upgraded members also earn by promoting splash pages.

How do i get views on my site/blog?
First you have to get an account (or press the Advertising Package). After you logged in press "My sites" and click on "Add a new site here" and follow the instructions.

Where can i ask for a payment?
You can ask for a payment under "Convert", there will be link that you can use when you have enough money on your account.

How much do I need to have for a payment?
$20 if you are a free member, and $10 if you are upgraded premium member. For Xpert Surfer the payout is at $5.

Do we earn free credits for every visitor that visits our referral link/splash page?
Yes, you earn 0,5 manual & 1 auto credits per referral view.

Do you allow promoting the referral page in autosurfers?
Yes, we allow rotation in autosurfs.

Can my site be in any language?
Yes, we have no language restrictions.

How do i ad a box to the free ad space?
Click on Your Free Ad Here! - then have a picture of your ad in 125 x 125 pixels with max 32kb of size ready, and your link URL, follow the few steps. If there is no Your Free Ad Here! then all box spaces are taken, they will clear up once a day.

Do i earn money on auto surf?
No, you can only earn money from manual surfing.

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